CIYOMY Electric Off-Road Brushless Motorcycle 36V 500W Dirt Bike,Up to 15.6 mph,Dual Suspension,LED Lights,Twist Grip Throttle,Hand-Operated Dual Brakes,Authentic Bike Geometry,for Age14+ Teens Kids



  • 【15.6MPH LIGHTING SPEED & SUPER SHOCKPROOF】CIYOMY Electric Motorcycle Cross Country with Powerful 36V Engine 500W BRUSHLESS DC Motor ,Carries Riders at Speeds of Up to 15.6MPH (25KM/H), Allowing Children to Experience the Joy of High-Speed Driving. Shock Spring and Hydraulic Shock-Absorbing Fork, Authentic Dirt Bike Frame Geometry with Super Shock-Absorbing Ability,Low Noise When Driving,Quieter than Traditional Electric Motocross Bikes.
  • 【500W BRUSHLESS MOTOR POWERFUL OFF-ROAD MOTOCROSS】This Kids Youth Off-Road Bike is Equipped with a 500W Brushless Motor, the Power is More Stable and Quiet. Maximum Load Capacity Up to 175 Lbs. And Equipped with 2*9AH Large Batteries, it can be Used for Up to 40 Minutes and above Even Under Full Load and Top Speed Conditions. Suitable for Children and Teens Aged 14 and Up to Play.
  • 【SAFE & EASY OPERATE】Kids can Control the Speed by Twisting the Accelerator with the Right Hand, the Left Hand is Responsible for the Brakes.The Handle is Made of Rubber Material, Which is Not Easy to Slip When Using, and can accurately brake at any speed,Which Greatly Guarantees the Driving Safety. This Electric Motorcycle Needs to Turn on 2 Switches Before it can be Driven, so as to Prevent Children from Unconsciously Turning Start.
  • 【COMFORTABLE RIDING DESIGN】CIYOMY Off-Road Motorcycles are Equipped with LED Lights, Leather Seats, High-Density Sponge Inside, Soft and Comfortable Seat Cushions, Super-Tight Air Holes for More Breathability, 16 Inch High Quality Pneumatic Tires, Metal Spring Suspension, Equipped with 2*Pedals Make the Driving More Shock-Absorbing, Bringing the Ultimate Driving Experience to Kids Teens.
  • 【DURABLE & STURDY DESIGN】 Electric Motorcycle is Specially Designed for 14+ Year Old Kids Teens, with Real Dirt Bike Geometry, Large Metal Suspension, Which can Provide a Solid Off-Road Riding Experience and Make the Rider More Comfortable.There is a Power Indicator Light on the Handlebar,Parents the Car can be Charged in Time Through the Indicator Light.
  • 【GIFTS & SPECIFICATIONS & ATER-SALES】Vehicle Specifications: 46.9*30.1*33.1Inches (L*W*H). Wheel Diameter:16Inch. Recommended Height Range: 5 to 6INCH. Speed: 0-15.6MPH. Motor: 500W/ 36V. Battery: 9AH*2. Recommended Age: 14+ years old. This Electric Motorcycle can Enhance Kids Teens Independence and Coordination in Play and Joy, it is the Best Gift for Kids Teens.If you Have Any Questions, Please Feel Free to Contact Us, We Will Reply You Within 24 Hours.


SPEEDS:0 to 15.6MPH






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