CIYOMY 6V Electric Ride On Bumper Car for Toddlers Kids, Bumper Ride on 360 Spin,W/Parent Remote Control,2 Driving Modes,LED Lights,Kids Bumping Toy Gifts 1.5-3.5 Years Old




  • 【6V BUMPER CAR SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN TO PLAY】CIYOMY Original Design UFO Shape 6V Children's Bumper Car, 5-Point Safety Belt, Double Armrests, and a All-round protective Shell Bring Comprehensive Safety Protection to Children, Allowing Children to Enjoy More Safely Riding Fun with Bumper Cars. Great for Toddlers and Kids Ages 1.5-3.5, Max Weight Capacity: 44 lbs.
  • 【SAFETY & MUTLI-FUNCTIONAL EXPERIENCE】360° Degree Spin, Colorful LED Bottom Light, Simulated Horn Sound Button, and Double Handle Operation Allow Children to Have a Real Driving Experience. Made of High-Quality Materials and Equipped with Cushioned Rubber Bumpers to Protect Walls and Furniture, Children Can Play Happily Indoors or Outdoors on the Flat Ground, and Can Also Conduct Competitions and Collisions Between Children.
  • 【2 DRIVING MODES FOR FUN】The Bumper Car Has Two Driving Modes. For Children Aged 1.5-2.5, it is Recommended to Use the Remote Control. The Remote Control Has Three Gears. Parents Can Adjust the Speed According to the Child's Adaptation to Increase the Playing Time of Parents and Children. If your Child is Proficient in Using This Bumper Car, They Can Use The Handle to Control the Bumper Car by Themselves to Experience the Fun.
  • 【EXCENLLENT PERFORMANCE& EASY TO TAKE】6V Battery Can Provide Enough Power for Playing, Allowing Children to Enjoy 1-2 Hours of Driving Fun, and the Bumper Car Needs to be Fully Charged Before the First Use. When the Bumper Car is Out of Power, it is Equipped With Two Handles that Allow Parents to Easily and Conveniently Lift the Bumper Car Away.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT FOR CHILDREN】This is a Perfect Birthday and Holiday Gift for Children.CIYOMY Assures You that Our Products have Passed Strict Quality Tests, Please Feel Free to Contact Us if You Have Any Usage Problems, and We Will Provide You with Solutions in Time.
  • 【NOTE】When You do not Use the Kids Electric Vehicle for a Long Time, You Need to Fully Charge Once Regularly Every Month, Which will Help the Battery Life Last Longer.


CIYOMY Brand Attention to Every Customer’s Experience

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact CIYOMY sales team, we will follow Amazon's policies to provide you with service and after-sales.

1. Charging time is generally 8-12 hours. The indicator light lights up red during charging and green when charging is completed.

Do not charge for more than 20 hours!!

2. After receiving the goods, please fully charge it before using it.

In order to better protect the product battery, when you are not using it for a long time, it is recommended to fully charge it once every month.

3. Please store the kids electric bumper car indoors when not in use. Keep out of the rain.

4. After actual use, the remote control distance without obstruction is: 50-100M. If there is obstruction, please do not exceed the remote control distance: 25M.


1. Question: How to use the children's bumper car?

A: Children can control the direction through the joystick. At the same time, pushing forward means walking straight, and unilaterally means turning in circles. Parents can also control it through the remote control. The bumper car is equipped with two handrails to help children adapt faster.

2. Question: How do children notify their parents that they have encountered a problem while the bumper car is driving?

A: The CIYOMY bumper car is equipped with a horn button. If there is a problem, the child can lightly press the horn button to make a sound to alert the parents.


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