CIYOMY 12V Kids Ride on Car Licensed Toyota FJ40 with Parent Remote,Battery Powered Off-Road Vehicle Kids Car,3 Speeds,6 LED Lights,Horn Button,MP3,Foot Pedal,USB,Gift for Boys & Girls




  • 【FASHIONABLE OFF-ROAD DESIGN, REALISTIC DRIVING EXPERIENCE】12V Toyota FJ Kids Ride On Car, Every Detail has Been Carefully Designed, the Ride is Designed to Let Children Enjoy a Realistic Driving Experience, this Children's Tram is Equipped with a Real Horn , LED Dome Light, 2*35W High-Performance Motors, Four Wear-Resistant Large Tires and Large Steering Wheel, Suitable for Driving on Various Terrains,Your Kids Will Feel Like True Explorers on Every Journey.
  • 【2 FUN KINDS MODES OF DRIVING】 Parents Can Choose the R/C Mode to Remotely Control the Car with Confidence. After the Child is Familiar with the Driving Feeling, Switch to the Manual Mode. For Children who Like Independent Steering and Driving Fun, the Manual Mode will be More Interesting,the Remote Control Can Control the 3-Speed, and the Manual Mode can Handle Switch 2-Speed,so that Children can Experience the Free Driving Pleasure of Different Speeds.

  • 【SAFE & LOW BATTERY PROMPT DESIGN 】This Car is Also Equipped with Many other Safety Features. The Kids Ride on Car Needs to Press the One-Button Start Button to Start. 3-Point Seat Belt,Intimate door lock design and Soft Start Design Prevent Children From Being Startled by Sudden Acceleration. This Kids Tram is Equipped with a Low Battery Alarm Function, When the Battery Drops, You Can Hear a Low Battery Voice Prompt to Remind You that the Car Needs to be Charged.

  • 【12V PORTABLE CHARGING & EASY TOWING】Powered by a Rechargeable 12V Battery, Designed for Hours of Playtime and Adventure. The High-Performance Battery Ensures Long-Lasting Fun Without Interruption, and When the Battery Runs Out,the Electric Vehicle can be Easily Dragged for Easy Movement and Storage.Charging Time About 8-12 Hours to Get Your Electric Car Fully Charged and Back on the Road.
  • 【LET CHILDREN EXPERIENCE THE REAL JOY OF DRIVING】This Ride-on Toy has Interesting Music, As Well As Children's Stories (kids Can Learn More Knowledge While Playing), This Ride-on Car Also Supports USB or Phone Connection to Play Children's Favorite Song. Dimensions: 38.9"(L)x26"(W)x27.6(H) .

  • 【GIFTS FOR KIDS & AFTER-SALES】Scientifically Designed Kids Ride Truck is a Great Gift for Kids Birthday or Christmas. Choose Electric Toys as a Good Partner to Accompany Your Child's Growth. Enhance Children's Independence and Coordination in Play and Joy. Assembly is Required. If You Have Any Questions, Please Feel Free to Contact Us, We will Reply Your Message Within 24 Hours.

CIYOMY Brand Attention to Every Customer's Experience

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact CIYOMY sales team, we will follow Amazon's policies to provide you with service and after-sales.

CIYOMY brand provides you with installation videos on the Amazon website. You can refer to the instruction manual and installation videos to install the product.

1. Charging time is generally 8-12 hours. The indicator light lights up red during charging and green when charging is completed.

Do not charge for more than 20 hours!!

2. After receiving the goods, please fully charge it before using it.

In order to better protect the product battery, when you are not using it for a long time, it is recommended to fully charge it once every month.

3. Please store the kids electric vehicle indoors when not in use. Keep out of the rain.

4. After actual use, the remote control distance without obstruction is: 50-100M. If there is obstruction, please do not exceed the remote control distance: 25M.


1.Q: How to use the remote control to tune the children’s tram?

A: Press and hold the link button in the middle of the remote control until the link button flashes for 2-5 seconds, then continue to press and hold until the light does not flash, which means successful linking.

2.Q: How do you know if your car is about to run out of battery?

A: When the car is low on battery, there will be a voice low battery alarm reminder.

(After turning on the car, please press and hold the center console to open it simultaneously)


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