About Ciyomy

Our story began with a small spark of inspiration, an idea born of a fun desire to make playtime more than just games.
We want to make it exciting, educational and inspiring.
We want kids to be able to feel the wind in their hair, hear the engine hum, and see the world whiz by in their backyard
or anywhere safe.
Thus, CIYOMY was established.
The core of our brand"CIYOMY" is to let children perceive the diversity of the world around them by playing and trying
to learn new toys.
We are committed to quality, eco-friendly motorized toys that are safe, durable, and most importantly, fun and excellent
user experience.
Our products are more than toys,they are tools for education, discovery and growth.
In doing so, our hope is to inspire the next generation of explorers, adventurers and dreamers to dream.
Enabling them to perceive and enjoy life to the fullest in free riding.
We have been deeply involved in electric toys for many years, constantly upgrading our quality and improving our design.
Our vision is to let every child experience the joy brought by "CIYOMY" electric toys.
We aspire to create a space where every child has the opportunity to explore their surroundings and experience the thrill of speed.
All our electric toys use environmentally friendly materials, we hope to bring happiness to the world while also letting children
understand the importance of caring for the earth.
We look to a future where playtime is more than just a pastime. It is a journey of self-discovery, a celebration of freedom,
and a building block towards a greener, brighter future.
Innovation: We collect user suggestion and continuously upgrade products to stimulate children's thinking and provide an
unparalleled play experience.
Safety: We carefully design and test our products to ensure they meet and exceed all safety standards.
Sustainable Development Concept: We use environmentally friendly materials processes in the product manufacturing process,
and actively advocate environmental protection behaviors.
Educational: Our toys are not just designed to be fun, but to inspire curiosity and foster a love of exploration and discovery.
Joy & Freedom: every ride with "CIYOMY" is a journey into a world of infinite possibilities.